San Miguel

There is something enchanting about San Miguel de Allende. It sits nestled high in the mountains of central Mexico. The way the light reflects off its cobblestone streets and worn old facades can only be described as magical. It was recently voted by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler as the number one city to visit in the world. San Miguel can trace its rich artisan history back to the early days of Spanish conquest nearly five centuries ago.

San Miguel was founded in 1542 by the monk Fray Juan de San Miguel and sat astride an important crossroads of the Camino Real, or royal road. For centuries, Mule trains laden with silver from the highland mines of Guanajuato and Zacatecas passed through San Miguel en route to Mexico City and the port of Veracruz. These caravans returned North from Mexico City with European fineries, exotic foreign treasures, spices, art, furnishings and people from around the world. San Miguel prospered and grew wealthy as a trading hub. In the nearly five centuries since its founding, San Miguel has seen native uprisings, revolution, drought, and the ebb and flow of population, but the town has managed to remain quintessentially Mexican. Most of Rachel's furniture line is still hand crafted here by 3rd generation artisans. It is our spiritual home and the heart of our business.