The beauty that exists in the world is what continually inspires and motivates me in everything I do, what I create and who I am. At Rachel Horn we are dedicated to designing and creating diverse experiences in our interiors as well as in everything we design. We have an extensive collection of products that to me are like jewelry for the home. We do everything we do in order to create more beauty in the world and to share it, enriching the lives of all who collaborate in our process.

Rachel Horn

Rachel Horn, founder and principal of Rachel Horn, is an American designer raised in Mexico creating multilayered, luxury, experiential residential and hospitality environments as well as an extensive collection of lifestyle artisan made products for the home.

Rachel found her love of the perfect thing for the right place while surrounded by the classic stone buildings and churches of San Miguel de Allende Mexico where she grew up. She is bilingual and bicultural, educated in both Mexico and the US. Rachel's work has been published in numerous books and international publications; and she has established herself as one of Mexico’s top interior designers with a distinctive vision of authentic cultural immersion and site-specific design. Always in search of beauty, her treasure eye is relentless. She splits her time between San Miguel, Austin and Louisville.


Rachel Horn’s design is driven by a deep passion to create beauty and joy through her vision and bicultural point of view. She articulates her story through interior design, product design and creative direction.

Founded in 2003 as a product design and retail showroom, the San Miguel-based company has evolved into an international design company that is growing into a luxury experiential residential and hospitality company with an expanding offering of artisan hand crafted home products.

The company consists of a multifaceted team of creatives, designers and artisans dedicated to creating luxurious singular interiors and products that enrich the lives of clients through artisanry and beauty. A multi-faceted, sensory experience is at the center of Rachels design approach. Through an exploration of color, texture, material and form she curates an abundance of sensual experiences into her spaces and pieces. Honoring history, architecture and place are imperative to her process.


San Miguel De Allende has a rich artisan history spanning several hundred years since the arrival of the Spanish to the New World. This is where our products are still crafted by using techniques perfected centuries ago. We take great pride in that all our products are hand crafted and finished by artisan families in San Miguel where our company is based. Our craftsmen specialize in hand wrought iron, cast bronze, aluminum, carved wood, tin, copper, and leather. Hand applied finishes add rich patina and depth to every piece. The hand of a craftsmen is felt in every unique piece.