Our services

The firm works primarily in new construction and remodeling with turnkey interior design contracts, we leave your home completely ready so that as soon as we hand over the key you can move in and enjoy it - we participate in the space planning and architectural design, select all the finishes and work hand in hand with the architect and contractor to ensure the desired results. At the same time, we design, supply or fabricate the entire décor for the project. For many projects this includes the procurement of operating supplies and equipment, from china and utensils to linens and towels - we outfit the home or project with everything it needs to function. We usually divide the project into the three areas described below. Some projects need only Décor, while other clients ask us to work on all three.

I. Finishes and Coatings

We collaborate with the architect of your choice to perfect the interior plans, architectural design and finishes of your home or project. We then propose and develop the design and details of finishes and cladding - the proposal includes ceilings, floors and walls; fixed furniture such as cabinets, closets, doors and windows; hardware, kitchen and bathroom accessories, etc. During this process, we make presentations to the Client and coordinate periodic meetings with the architect to integrate our designs with the master plans. We provide the architect and contractor with conceptual plans, elevations and inspirational images sufficient for them to complete the final construction documents and purchase all necessary finishes and cladding. Once construction has begun, we are available to answer any questions the contractor may have.

II. Finishes and Coatings

All the interior and exterior decoration of the project is defined, selected, purchased and installed. It begins with the creation of a dossier and design boards in order to convey and direct the idea proposed for the project. We then plan and refine the design and décor room by room. We proceed to purchase after the final approval of the client. We coordinate the manufacture of personalized decoration, and hand in hand with our suppliers we take care of finding unique pieces and antiques. Finally, we supervise the installation and prepare the entire house: flower arrangements, lighting, paintings, artwork and table service. In order to ensure that the decoration always returns to its original place after cleaning, if you wish, we can also prepare a Décor Manual for the staff.

III. Supplies and Operating Equipment (OSE)

In addition, we can purchase all operating supplies and equipment such as bedding, crockery, cutlery, kitchen equipment, bathroom items, soaps, lotions, etc.; so that the house or project is fully occupancy-ready upon completion. You just have to arrive and unpack your bags.

How do we charge?

Our fees for interior design work depend on the type of project, residential or hospitality, as well as the percentage of our participation.
We charge in different ways. We usually charge a flat fee for the initial design. Fixed fees are based on the size and scope of the project. This will include all initial meetings, presentations, design boards, budgets, and furniture selection. For the purchase of furniture, accessories, lighting, decor, rugs and art, we charge retail.

Typical Work Phases

The following phases are the ones we normally use to quote our services:

1.0 Concept Design Services

Establish the parameters of the project (program, calendar, budgets) and the objectives of the design with the client. Prepare different design boards and boards with inspiration images to describe the proposed idea.

2.0 Schematic Design Services

In order to convey and describe the "look & feel", the finishes and the decoration, individual boards with the Schematic Design are created for each of the main areas of the project. We also prepare a preliminary budget for the purchases that we will make, and we provide real samples of materials and finishes.

3.0 Design Development Services

Here we finish the plans along with other elements to describe the characteristics of the complete project, including furniture, fittings, fabrics, materials, colors, etc. We prepare the furniture layout plans, a detailed list of the purchase budget, and a purchase book adjusted to the acquisition of the decoration. Here the final approval of the client is given.

4.0 Services During the Construction Period

We are available to answer any questions and verify that the design is being implemented by the GC according to the intent of the project. On behalf of the client, we can also draw up a final checklist.

5.0 Purchases

During this phase we manage the acquisition or custom manufacturing of all the decoration of the project. We do not purchase any finishes or coatings for the project – they are purchased by the GC.

6.0 Installation

Here we oversee and coordinate the complete installation of all furniture, decor, art, etc., as well as OSE items if included in the project.